Happy New Year!

I hope Santa brought you all the books you wanted. If not, here’s one I can heartily recommend – my wife Sara’s new book, The Centaur of Attention, has just been published by McStorytellers. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Centaur-Attention-Sara-Clark/dp/1541266846/

Scotland Writers FC

I’ve been away with the Scotland Writers football team twice over the last couple of months – first to “the most Scottish town in Italy”, Barga, and then to London to play England. Both great weekends, both defeats (unfortunately). No doubt more on this to follow, but if you’re interested in finding out a wee … [Read more…]

The Chynge

Because what the world is clearly crying out for is a Scots translation of Kafka, I’ve decided to write one. This is the first wee bittie of the first wee bittie. The Chynge It wis yon mornin, when Gregor Samsa awauk frae oot wanrestfu dreams, that he fund hissel transformt in his bed intae some kind … [Read more…]

Edinburgh Book Festival

Some stray observations on speaking about Scots language and Flemish immigration at the Edinburgh Book Festival this week. 1)      People are a lot more interested in the influence of Flemish immigration on Scots language than you would think. The event at the Garden Theatre was sold out, despite my earlier, gloomy prognostications. (Apart from three seats … [Read more…]

Selkirk FC vs the World!

With the new Lowland League season kicking off today, Selkirk Football Club and myself are awfy pleased to announce the publication of “Selkirk FC vs the World!” “Selkirk FC vs the World!” is the end result of the first season of my poetry residency at Selkirk Football Club, and collects together twenty-five poems and short stories I wrote for the club throughout the … [Read more…]

An Evening With Ian McMillan

I love Eyemouth. I really do. It’s such a wonderful, picturesque town. My in-laws were up house-hunting in the Borders last week, and when we brought them to Eyemouth at the weekend it looked like we weren’t leaving without at least a seaside bungalow added to our portfolio. Of course, in this sunny spate of … [Read more…]

PechaKucha and the Corridor of Uncertainty

Two things. Firstly, I am absolutely terrible at gauging likely audience numbers for events. Secondly, I always assume that anything that has me in it is going to be a flop, or worse, a fiasco. So I was awfully surprised and gratified to turn up for my wee stint at CABN’s PechaKucha event in Galashiels … [Read more…]

Kiss Bigotry Goodbye

I had a fantastic time at Nil By Mouth’s “Kiss Bigotry Goodbye” event at Yarrow Park last Saturday. Historian Daniel Gray (author of “Stramash”, amongst many other fine volumes) and Nil By Mouth’s Dave Scott are on the road for the next few weeks as part of a ten date tour of Scottish football – … [Read more…]

Stanger’s Chase

By the way, I don’t just write crap poems about football – I write crap poems about loads of things, including rugby. Here’s a Border ballad I wrote last year about Tony Stanger’s slam-winning try against England in 1990 – repeat on Saturday? Stanger’s Chase Slaw, as they maircht at Murrayfield, Slaw, as the sons … [Read more…]

New Signings

The Janice Forsyth Show did a wee feature on my residency at Selkirk last week. You can hear it here for the next month or so – it starts 1hr 30m into the show. What’s been especially good about the residency so far is that it’s crossed the streams a bit in the way that … [Read more…]