Scots Bairn’s Book o the Year!

Weel, we aw ken bi noo that the voters sometimes get it wrang… But eneuch time has passed for me finally tae feel like this is wan result that isnae aboot tae get owerturned.



By ‘we’, o coorse, ah mean me, Jeff Kinney, Itchy Coo an Black an White Publishing – oor book ‘Diary o a Wimpy Wean’ won Scots Bairns’ Book o the Year at the first-ever Scots Language Awards in Glesga last month!

There wis loads o ither weel-deservin winners on the nicht, includin the likes o Billy Kay, Morna Young, Gary Robertson an Iona Fyfe. But the real winners wir the Scots language community as a hale. We’ve been waitin sae lang for a flag tae sail thegither unner, an thanks tae Hands Up For Trad, we’ve finally got wan.

The awards brang thegither hunners o fowk wha, in the normal rin o things, are toilin awa doon their ain lanely mines, faur fae the warld an each ither. Fowk like Billy Kay an Matthew Fitt that hae been daein their darg for decades, wi naethin tae spik o in terms o support or recognition. We’ve a list as lang as oor airms o the things we need tae get Scots back tae the tap table whaur it belangs. Government siller, media coverage, education. But maist o aw, we need each ither. Thon wis the real award we won in Glesga.

We’re at the stairt o sowt muckle here, loons. Lat’s no tak it for grantit.