Mindin on McIlvanney

I’ve written a piece for Bella Caledonia about William McIlvanney. There isn’t too much to add to what I’ve said over there, except that there are countless writers in Scotland who would never have set pen to paper if it hadn’t been for Willie, and I’m one of them. The piece is in Scots, as … [Read more…]

Read-a-licious Book Festival

I had a great day at Peebles High School on Wednesday talking to pupils about football and writing as part of the Read-a-licious Book Festival. Did a Q&A session with St. Johnstone striker Stevie Maclean as well, in which I contrived to ask a man who’s scored the winning goal in a Scottish Cup Final … [Read more…]

Salman Rushdie and the Establishment of the Left

Couple of years ago, Salman Rushdie wrote a memoir of his time in hiding from the Iranian fatwa. It’s called “Joseph Anton”, and I had read two-thirds of it when I decided to give up. It wasn’t badly written. It was just depressing me a bit, and I couldn’t understand why. Yes, Rushdie comes over … [Read more…]

“Intae the Snaw” book launch.

The launch for “Intae the Snaw” – and my wife Sara Clark’s novel, “Summer’s Lease” went fabulously. In addition to a whole host of friends, family, and miscellaneous well-wishers, we were immensely privileged to be introduced by Paul Wheelhouse MSP. I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk a bit about the Scots … [Read more…]

On Starting Out.

My first poetry pamplet, Intae the Snaw, comes out this month, and it seems like this is the point at which to start giving it the whole it’s-been-a-long-road shtick, talk about how deep into the fibre of my bones I’ve had to dig to excavate these poems, the editorial to-and-fro. But, in fact, the whole … [Read more…]

Sky Sports.

The final score was not what we hoped for, but there was some good publicity for poetry and for the club this morning, when Sky Sports News profiled Selkirk FC ahead of our Scottish Cup tie against Nairn. I read out some of my poetry, and talked a wee bit about the cup – cheers to … [Read more…]

The Fifth Miracle

My short film “The Fifth Miracle” was showing at the Haining as this week as part of Selkirk’s YES Festival. If you missed it, you can still catch it here: https://youtu.be/jD7_84LGfts