Neither Useful Nor Ornamental: Why Scots Matters

Some fowk think that there’s nae sic thing as writin in Scots. That there’s nae richt spellins, or grammar, or tenses. That the notion o a Scots dictionary is a joke MacGuffin wi the laugh built in, like a left-haundit screwdriver or a tin o tartan paint. That writin in Scots jist means makkin it … [Read more…]

Scots Bairn’s Book o the Year!

Weel, we aw ken bi noo that the voters sometimes get it wrang… But eneuch time has passed for me finally tae feel like this is wan result that isnae aboot tae get owerturned. WE WON! By ‘we’, o coorse, ah mean me, Jeff Kinney, Itchy Coo an Black an White Publishing – oor book … [Read more…]

Wimpy Wean at Aye Write!

Glesga fowk! Ah’m dottin ower tae gie ye some o ma Wimpy Wean chat at the Aye Write! festival on March 2nd! Jyne me at the Mitchell Theatre for an aw-singin, aw-dancin horoyally o Scots, scrievin, an boggin schuil dinners!

Diary o a Wimpy Wean

Sae, ah forgot tae mention, BUT! Diary o a Wimpy Wean, ma Scots owersettin o Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is oot noo! The Wimpy Kid novels amang the brawest, funniest buiks for bairns that are kickin aboot the noo, an ah’m gey chuffed tae awbody – no least o aw Jeff Kinney, the scriever … [Read more…]

Frae Invisible Cities, bi Italo Calvino

HIDDEN CITIES 2 Life is no happy in Raissa. Fowk wring their hauns as they trail aroond the streets, wish wae upon the greetin bairns, hing ower the river’s ravels wi their brous upon their nieves. In the wee oors ye wauk fae yin ill dwaum an anither begins. At benches whaur, ilka meenit, ye’re … [Read more…]

Your Pal Andy

I’m very excited to announce that my first novel, “Your Pal Andy”, is coming out this month. Written during the second year of my writing residency at Selkirk FC, it follows the misadventures of former Selkirk player Andy Fairbairn on his tortuous road from Yarrow Park to the big time.  I have always wanted to … [Read more…]


I was hugely proud to have been involved in organising the first ever spoken word at the first ever HawickFest. Seemed to go over pretty well – our poets were very happy, anyway! My old pal and Scots scriever extraordinaire Rab Wilson wrote a very nice piece about the event over at The National – … [Read more…]

Two Clarks for the Price of None

sara: i am making one of my books free on amazon today thomas: yes me too maybe we should make it some kind of deal s: we could call it two clarks for the price of none t: not sure that is actually a pun but lets do it anyway Selkirk FC vs the World … [Read more…]


Couple of things I’ve been up to which are surfacing in the next wee while: The current issue of Gutter includes some Scots translations of mine, this time from Kafka. They are some short-short stories which I translated before starting to work on “Metamorphosis”, as a kind of test run. Plus there’s always plenty of … [Read more…]