Well, as Ring Lardner once said, if I guessed for a living, I’d starve.

Obviously, I didn’t have the swell time last Friday that I’d previously prophesied. I was about to say that none of the 45% of us did, but that’s not the whole story, is it. The 55% of folk who voted No didn’t seem to be having much fun either. Yes voters have a lot to be unhappy about, but at least we didn’t just get completely punked by our own political leaders. Anyway, let’s be honest; all the energy, drive, vision and commitment was generated by the Yes campaign, and when their heads went down (as they temporarily did) the life was sucked out of everything. For a while.

I have friends on both sides, like most people, so I won’t do any finger-pointing. All I’ll say is that two weeks ago we were living in the most politically engaged country in the western world, and today we’re once again a reluctant adjunct to benefit cuts and phony wars. I doubt that anyone, anywhere, is celebrating that.

A Busy Week

Well, there’s a lot going on across the country this week, and here’s what I’m up to:

On Wednesday 10th, I was part of a group of Hawick playwrights, performers, poets and musicians who performed at Teri Yes, a local celebration of independence. I performed my one man play “Oor Ain Two Feet”, which you can see here:


On the same channel you can also see some of the other wonderful stuff that went on at a very special event I feel hugely privileged to have been part of.

On Sunday 14th, I’ll be performing at The Eildon Tree’s 15th anniversary bash, starting at Damascus Drum Cafe at 2pm. Then, on the 15th, there’ll be a reading of my play “Mozart an Salieri” at the Heart of Hawick at 7:30pm. After that, I’ll be tramping up and down stairs posting Yes leaflets and obsessively refreshing Facebook in search of another hitherto undigested titbit of pro-indy news. Until Friday. I don’t know what I’ll be doing then. But I know that it’ll be great.