Thochts in Scots

It’s no ayeweys easy findin written Scots on the Internet, but it’s gettin easier, thanks tae the likes o The National an Bella Caledonia. Here’s a wee list o some o the places that dae furthset in Scots, alang wi a few o the bitties ah’ve scrievit for thaim.

The National

UDI or Die! The ScotNat guide tae Plan B fae ooter space

A Tale o Twa Cities: Life in Tory Scotland

Scots Wahey! Let’s Get Oor National Language on the SNP Agenda

Scotland’s Wimmen Are Oor REAL National Team

Fake It Til Ye Break It: How Politics is Killin Us Inside

10 Things I Hate Aboot EU: Brexit and the Politics o Spite

The Lamest Show on Earth: Why FMQs is an FMSnooze

Worst. MSP. Ever.

Nae Gods an Precious Few Heroes: A Fresh Stairt for Scotland

‘Nobody Actually Talks Like That’ – Why the fear of Scots?

In a World Full o Yer Das, Nicola Sturgeon is Yer Maw

Me, Masel and Aye: Why the Yes campaign has had its day

Second City Blues: Whe Glesga is the capital Scotland needs

Dear Dunderheid: An open letter tae Donald Trump

Wha’s Like Us? Weel, No Catalonia

Poetry clesses are no the solution tae wirkin-cless exclusion

There’s anely yin man can save Scottish Labour – Alex Salmond

Dial M for Murdo: hou the Tories are trollin their ain supporters

Misogyny is a men’s issue – they’re the yins tae blame

Bella Caledonia

Aw Aboard! The fecht for the Scots language stairts the day!

Radge Against The Machine: Deid Wirds, Deid Warlds, an Why Scots Maitters

Ceci N’est Pas Une Leid

Tae Kathleen Jamie, an ither Scots Scrievers

Neil Findlay – Freend o the Wirkin Clesses

Wha’s Like Us?

A Scots Keyboard

English Speakers! We Want YOU!

Fringe Activity

A Scots Manifesto

Yes Nae Mair

A Scots Pairliament?

Mindin on McIlvanney

Mak Forrit

Braw Lads an Soor Plooms: On the Mairch in Galashiels

It’s no you, it’s me: or, sorry Gaelic, but Scots still haes issues tae wirk throu

A dangerous thing wi style

Toodily-doo, Flanderinos!

Billy Connolly broke ma hert

The First Minister’s Readin Challenge

Freedom TV

Mebbes Aye, Mebbes Naw: Scots Nationalism an Scots Language

Nil By Mouth

A Rangers Man